Column Definition Notes
Journal titles Full source titles as used by Embase or MEDLINE 1
Abbreviated title Journal abbreviation
Country Country of publication
Language Language(s) of articles
Indexed at Embase Yes or Pending
Source type Journal, Book Series or Trade Journal 2
Priority journals Defines 2577 core titles indexed at Embase (this is a journal quality descriptor)
Indexed by MEDLINE Defines 5340 MEDLINE titles (May 2017) 3
Added since May 2016 Newly selected titles for Embase indexing since indicated date. Includes title changes
1 All data were drawn from the Embase and MEDLINE source files in April 2017. Deduplication was carried out and revised in May to eliminate residual duplicates
2 Some records indexed by MEDLINE and not at Embase have other source types, based on data provided by NLM
3 MEDLINE itself lists 5636 titles on 27 April 2017. This includes some supplements which in Embase are considered part of the main title